Out of Body Lectures (2012 Workshop)

  • Teacher: Thomas Leichardt
  • Released: 09/22/2021
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 30.00

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Out of Body Lectures (2012 Workshop)

Have you ever wanted to create a successful Out of Body Experience?

Would you like to refine your projection skills to a higher degree of proficiency?

Now you can! These audio lectures, recorded live at a 2012 OBE workshop, will take you on a journey through this incredible phenomenon. Thomas will guide you in creating this incredible life-changing experience in a safe, reliable and consistent way.

Part of creating this experience lies in expanding our worldview, incorporating it into our daily thinking, and priming our minds to make consistent attempts.

“Projections involve many more aspects of the whole self, and are a mark that the personality is progressing in important ways. The inner senses are allowed their greatest freedom in projection states, and the whole self retains experience that it would not otherwise. When this knowledge becomes part of the usual waking consciousness, that is, when you realize what you have done, then you have taken a gigantic step forward. An almost automatic determination must be set up however if projections with conscious awareness are to be anything but rare oddities.”
~ Seth, Session 274, Page 280

You can reach and touch those other portions of yourself through Out of Body Experiences!

With this course, you can initiate and accelerate your personal journey! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned OBE veteran, these lectures will speak to those portions of your being that are ready to take you to the next level. Join Thomas as he brings this powerful phenomenon within reach of anyone. Let his passion for inner exploration and growth guide you on your own journey of inner and personal empowerment.


Contains these Eight Exciting Lectures

1) Introduction, Essential Metaphysics & Proper Mental Climate (48:45)

2) Core Belief Change (43:54)

3) Anatomy of an OBE (49:23)

4) Methods of Separation & Induction Techniques (49:20)

5) Induction Techniques (37:13)

6) Induction Techniques, Induction Results & Types of Environments (29:29)

7) Exploring the Inner Realms & Advanced Techniques (35:43)

8) Advanced Exploration (30:00)

See you on the other side!!!


Bonus Content 1:

Interviews with Thomas on Out of Body, Lucid Dreams & The Seth Material

1) My Psychic Manifesto: Out of Body Interview, part 1

2) My Psychic Manifesto: Out of Body Interview, part 2

3) Seth Talk: Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), Lucidity & Seth

4) Lucid Waking, Lucid Dreaming & Out of Body Experiences (OBEs)


Bonus Content 2:

Talks by Thomas at the California Seth Conference

1) 2013 Conference: Out of Body Presentation

2) 2014 Conference: Out of Body Experiences - A Practical Guide

3) 2015 Conference: Out of Body Experiences - Advanced Explorations


References & Recommended Readings

Visit this teacher's personal OBE library on his website at Sumari Healing Arts.

1) Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman – This is simply the best book on OBE, containing both personal experiences, theories, as well as powerful OBE induction techniques.

2) Out-of-Body Adventures by Rick Stack – A fun and delightful read. Rick’s playful attitude towards the subject is both refreshing and inspiring. He was a long time student of Seth and Jane Roberts.

3) The Secret of the Soul by William Buhlman – The sequel to Adventures Beyond the Body, this book demonstrates that the OBE is a natural ability that can be cultivated.

4) The Early Sessions by Jane Roberts & Seth – Some of the best material available on reality creation and construction, as well as one’s multidimensional nature.

5) All the Seth Books by Jane Roberts – The Seth Material is the gold standard for all metaphysical writing, and reads very much like a doctoral program for the dedicated metaphysician.

6) Books and Audio by Abraham Hicks Publications – These are amazing for helping develop a healthy, bright, and positive mental climate, which is great for OBE as well as physical life.