Medical Qigong Level 1 Online

  • Teacher: Thomas Leichardt
  • Released: 01/21/2022
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 375.00

No certificate is given for this course

Medical Qigong Level 1 Online

Your first 4 lectures, 3 practice instructions, a meditation, and 2 practice sets are free when you register with a free student account.

Students already enrolled in or having completed this teacher’s Five Branches University Level 1 in-person course can add this online version for $99. 

This course jump starts your transformative cultivation practice. You will learn simple, powerful modalities of self healing, self empowerment, and expanded awareness of body, mind, energy, emotion, thought, intention, and spirit.

Composed of mind expanding lectures, powerful mind-body practices, and meditations:


  1. Introduction
  2. Brief History of Medical Qigong
  3. Different forms of Intelligence
  4. Three Schools of Qigong
  5. The Dao and its Aspects
  6. Three Powers, Three Treasures & the Three Dantians (Energy Centers)
  7. Three Levels of Wei Qi (External Energy Fields)
  8. Ancient Chinese Metaphysics
  9. Yuan She & Zhi Shen (Original Spirit & Acquired Mind)
  10. Energetic Embryology Part 1
  11. Energetic Embryology Part 2
  12. Energetic Embryology Part 3
  13. Ancient Archetypes of the Human Soul
  14. Ancient Archetypes - Hun (Ethereal Soul)
  15. Ancient Archetypes - Po (Corporeal Soul)
  16. Ancient Archetypes - Shen, Yi, Zhi (Spirit, Intent, Will)
  17. Paths of the Human Soul, Death & Dying

Qigong Practices

  1. Wuji Posture Training - the opening stance of Qigong
  2. Pulling Down the Heavens - cleansing and opening move in Qigong
  3. Standing Tree Meditation - creating a connection to Heaven & Earth via the tree archetype
  4. Clearing - Counter Swing
  5. Clearing - Dropping the Post
  6. Clearing - Trembling Horse
  7. All 3 Clearing Exercises
  8. Daoist 5 Opening Move
  9. Daoist 5 Yang Organ Exercise: “Swaying”
  10. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercise - Lung (Metal)
  11. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercise - Kidney (Water)
  12. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercise - Liver (Wood)
  13. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercise - Heart (Fire)
  14. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercise - Spleen (Earth)
  15. Daoist 5 Closing Move
  16. Full Daoist 5 Set (includes Daoist 5 Yang & Yin exercises)
  17. Microcosmic Orbit (MCO)
  18. Full & Complete Set (includes clearing, Full Daoist 5, MCO)
  19. Point Tapping
  20. Healing Sounds - Old Man Searching for his Reflection in the Tide Pool
  21. 6 Healing Sounds for Energetic Detoxification Introduction
  22. 6 Healing Sounds for Energetic Detoxification Practice
  23. 6 Healing Sounds for Energetic Detoxification Alternate Postures practice 
  24. 6 Healing Sounds Theory
  25. Mantra Sounds for the 3 Dantians Introduction
  26. Mantra Sounds for the 3 Dantians Practice
  27. Golden Ball Introduction
  28. Golden Ball Practice
  29. Liver Bag exercise - to be added soon


  1. Heart Opening Meditation - with imagery and music - for opening our hearts and channeling heart energy into our lives
  2. One through Four Meditation - guided voice - for grounding and connecting to earth
  3. Ren Wu Yang Meditation - guided voice - for strengthening our external energy fields
  4. Eight Direction Perception Meditation - guided voice - for expanding perceptions and opening psychic intuitions

Full Practice Sets

  1. Full review of Level 1 practices and beyond
  2. Daoist 5 Yin Organ Exercises with Clearing
  3. All 6 Healing Sounds Together

This course will lead you through a portal of transformation into a new version of yourself. As you step through this portal of transformation, you will learn to lead, guide, and govern your own energy in the self cultivation sections of meditations and practices. In the lecture section, you’ll absorb cosmology that will liberate your beliefs, thoughts and emotions from dense and heavy conditioning. All three sections of lectures, practices, and meditations will enable you can radiate your true natural self in all you do. This course is the first step on the path to self mastery, energy skills, and healership. 

Please note - more practice videos will be added in the coming days and weeks to complete the entire level 1 training curriculum. Please see the contents for lecture, meditation, and practice titles. 

In Medical Qigong 1, students are led through a progressive series of Qigong meditations and exercises, including fundamental applications of Medical Qigong purgation, tonification, and regulation energetic skills. Students are also trained in energetic theory and cosmology, including consciousness expanding views of ourselves, our world, and our multidimensional nature, with an emphasis on how this translates into health and vitality on all levels of being. 

In this course, students learn specific Medical Qigong prescription exercises and meditations, including purging excess conditions and dispersing stagnations, tonifying or strengthening deficiencies, and regulating or balancing the Qi dynamic, as well as how and when to apply these techniques in a clinical setting. Students are introduced to energetic psychology, discharging toxic emotions, and how to handle the emotional discharges and toxic energetic releases coming from patients and clients.