Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication & Healing Blueprint?

  • Teacher: Mary Rodwell
  • Released: 01/23/2022
  • Level: Beginner
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  • Price: $ 25.00

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Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication & Healing Blueprint?

Mary Rodwell, the author of Awakening and Principal of ACERN, guides you through this unique data, with personal accounts from Australia, America, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Complex artwork, strange scripts, symbols, and 'alien languages'? Is this "Contact Communication"? Professional artists from both the UK and Australia share their stories and explain how their artistic abilities are used to 'draw' the 'visitors' as they really are. American author, Dan Redfield, translates "Contact Communication" through geometric concepts and codes she believes act as a universal language with energetic triggers to 'awaken us'.

Adrian Divir, computer engineer, heals with the help of 'Extraterrestrial doctors'. Rochelle D'Elia feels a dual consciousness through her 'extraterrestrial heritage' and uses sound and energy to heal on many levels.

Whatever you choose to believe, Contact experiences demonstrate a global phenomenon, with transformative outcomes, from healing to unusual forms of communication. These 'expressions' offer us a tantalizing glimpse into this fascinating enigma. Duration: 81 minutes.

 Expressions of ET Contact-Communication-Blueprint Mary Rodwell