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Richard Gentle

Richard is based in the UK and has been exploring the 'unseen world' pretty much all of his life. Labels are difficult, so the closest might be 'conscious explorer'.

"From around the age of 5, I knew I felt different to my peers - often exhibiting over-sensitivity to the plight of others and generally not feeling the enthusiasm for the trivia those around me seemed to gain pleasure from. As I progressed through my teens, I realised that questions I wanted answers to could not be adequately answered by the mainstream society I was living in. From the age of 18, I actively sought answers and attended a number of what might now be called 'alternative' talks and workshops. Amongst those spiritual teachers or 'gurus' I could find to read about at the time, few were physically still alive. It's hard to imagine in the present day, how difficult it was to find authentic and accessible information on anything spiritual/alternative/metaphysical, outside of the usual formalised religions."

In 1987, a friend introduced Richard to Seth - 'an energy personality essence no longer focused in physical form' and channelled through Jane Roberts:

"I immediately recognised the material's authenticity and value and, having received a number of photocopied sections of Seth books from my friend, eventually managed to buy my first copy of 'The Nature of Personal Reality.' This, together with developing my own personal experience and observation, led me to writing my first booklet: 'How We Perform Negative Miracles.' Eventually, online self-publishing became available and I reproduced the booklet in both paperback and e-book formats, and also wrote a number of follow-up works - the most recent being: Seth, Abraham, Bashar! All That You See Is Yourself'."

Richard has given many talks on metaphysical subjects - both on location and online; run short workshops and courses on healing and conscious creating; been a guest on Constance Arnold's, 'The Think, Believe & Manifest Talk Show'; and been a guest speaker at two online California Seth Conferences; and two episodes of 'The Channeled Truth' with Thomas Leichardt.